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Name of the tool: Unicheck
Type of the tool: Plagrism checker
Type of the license: Paid
Released By: Unicheck

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Unicheck is a plagiarism detection software for students, educators, writers and other professionals working with texts. More than 400 higher education and k-12 institutions worldwide use Unicheck to check academic papers and other types of written assignments for possible plagiarism. Unicheck recognizes similarities, citations, and references. It understands texts in any Latin and Cyrillic languages. Its in-house team of computer science professors, engineers and developers have created integrations with most Learning Management Systems.

Unicheck is universal in use: as a stand-alone or as an integrated tool; in LMS or independently; for professionals, students, and teachers. Similarity checks happen across web index in real-time (4.75+ billion pages), against open source databases, internal library and submissions within the same assignment.

To unite students and teachers, Unicheck makes their similarity reports friendly and informative, and invites students to conduct checks independently. Students can make sure they didn’t miss to mark any citations, and more importantly they become equal participants in the strive for better education.

Features of Unicheck:

  • Recognition of references, citations in all academic formats (APA, MLA, etc.)
  • Clear, downloadable reports in .pdf
  • Integration with LMS (Learning Management Systems)
  • Cloud-based technology for unlimited document storage
  • Accurate search results based on live-web index
  • Multi-format and multi-language paper support

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