Top Ten Twitter Alternatives

Twitter is a one from the top social networking site founded on March 21, 2006 by “Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams”. Any registered twitter user can make a public unique twitter profile to tweet their ideas, thoughts, any news or something else.

Twitter give birth to a new term “tweet” which means 140 characters of massage.


  • Can make a unique public profile with some basic information about yourself.
  • Trending to get all of the trending topics over the twitter.
  • Can follow any topics, any person or any business to get notification related them
  • Can use @ to mention any brand or person to your tweet

Twitter Alternatives

S. No Alternative Founded On Visit Site
1. Bebo 2005 Get Alternative
2. Tinder 2012 Get Alternative
3. Reddit 2005 Get Alternative
4. Tumblr 2007 Get Alternative
5. Instagram 2010 Get Alternative
6. Pinterest 2010 Get Alternative
7. Linkedin 2002 Get Alternative
8. Google Plus 2011 Get Alternative
9. Facebook 2004 Get Alternative
10. Youtube 2005 Get Alternative

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