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Name Of Software: Splashtop
Type Of Software: Desktop Sharing/Remote
Category: Utilty
Founded On: August 2006
Type Of License: Freemium

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Splashtop delivers the best-value remote access, remote support, and screen mirroring solutions. We have a variety of free and paid products that suit individuals, businesses, and IT/support teams. Our remote access solutions are used by tens of thousands of businesses and more than 20 million users.

For business professionals, Splashtop Business Access offers convenient remote computer access for individuals and teams, providing services such as file transfers, remote printing, and the ability to remotely wake a computer. Another plus: Splashtop Business Access is only $5/month (customers save up to 80% when comparing to competitors such as LogMeIn or TeamViewer).

For helpdesk professionals and support teams, Splashtop SOS enables technicians to connect to clients’ Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android devices with a simple session code. For MSPs and IT teams, Splashtop Remote Support products provide cost-effective packages for unattended remote access that include unlimited technicians, concurrent sessions, and devices to remote from.

At home, Splashtop Personal (FREE for most devices) allows you to quickly and easily access your Mac or Windows PC from your tablet, smartphone, or another computer. Enjoy accessing files from your computer while relaxing on your bed or couch! Or, use Splashtop Business Access to access your work computer from anywhere. In schools, teachers use Splashtop Classroom to control their computer from an iPad or tablet anywhere in the classroom. They can annotate the screen, mirror student screen content, and share their screens to student devices.

Alternatively, some teachers use Splashtop Mirroring360, which allows students to mirror device screens to the teacher’s computer and the teacher to share their Windows computer screen via a simple web link create a more engaged classroom environment. Splashtop provides a variety of remote access capabilities that are reliable, secure, and easy to deploy.

Alternatives To Splashtop

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