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Back to 2002, when SmugMug was founded by a team of father and son “Chris and Don MacAskill” and they use their home to run their startup in beginning days. Chris and Don MacAskill both were the photographers so they decide to make a safe place for image sharing. And this way SmugMug being found.

SmugMug is completely paid Image Hosting company and their basic plan starts at $3 month and for the full access user have to pay $23 month.


  • Fully personalized
  • Privacy option
  • A safe and strong storage
  • As a business make your own shop
  • Available for android and ios

Alternatives To SmugMug

S. No Alternative Founded On Visit Site
1. Instagram 2010 Get Alternative
2. Imgur 2009 Get Alternative
3. Tumblr 2007 Get Alternative
4. Shutterfly 1999 Get Alternative
5. TinyPic 2004 Get Alternative
6. DeviantArt 2000 Get Alternative
7. ImageShack 2003 Get Alternative
8. Snapfish 2000 Get Alternative
9. Flickr 2004 Get Alternative
10. Photobucket 2003 Get Alternative

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