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Seashore is an amazing graphic editing tool for Mac operating system for image manipulation, retouching, basic editing etc, created by Mark Pazolli.  Seashore contains a clean and very user-friendly “user interface” which makes it easy for the work of graphic editing. But there is one limitation, Seashore only can help in basic editing, it does not feature much-advanced tools for some great manipulation and effects.

Features Of Seashore

  • Support XCF file
  • Gradients and textures
  • Based on GIMP technology
  • free (open source)
  • Best for basic editing in Mac

Alternative To Seashore

S. No Alternative Type Of Service Learn More
1. Pixlr Free Get Alternative
2. Canva Free Get Alternative
3. Pixelmator —— Get Alternative
4. Picmonkey Free Get Alternative
5. Sumo Paint Free Get Alternative
6. Krita Free Get Alternative
7. Photoshop Paid Get Alternative
8. Gimp Free Get Alternative
9. Paint Free Get Alternative
10. Venngage Free Get Alternative

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