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Name of the app: Pushbullet
Type of the app: Device Synchronisation
Category: software and application
Released by: Pushbullet
Operating system: Android, Windows,  IOS, Browsers Extensions
Type of license: Freemium

Official Site | Google App Store

Pushbullet is a software application for Windows,  Android, ios, chrome, and safari which help you to sync your devices with each other to receive notification, messages, call details etc from one to another.

For example: Typing in your phones sometimes looks irritating in comparison to typing in a keyboard. So here Pushbullet sync your phone with your PC so you can easily send messages from PC to phone. Means no more irritating and slow typing in your smartphone.

Things You Can Do With Pushbullet

  1. Send and receive texts from computer to phone
  2. Gets your phone’s notification like calls. Massages, WhatsApp notifications etc on your PC
  3. Follow and get notified about the things which you like.
  4. Share links between your devices instantly
  5. Easily chat and share things with your friends
  6. Exchange files between your devices

How To SYNC Massages From Phone To PC

Note: Pushbullet can only sync between Android and PC. Still, their application is not able to send messages through iPhone devices

  • Download the Pushbullet
  • Register and login to your account
  • If you are using their website then visit the dashboard and click on the SMS
  • If you are using browse extensions then click on the app icon and then click on the SMS tab
  • If you are using Windows app so you will find the SMS tab on the left side of the app

Pushbullet is a freemium software which can be used for free with some restriction and limited features.  For the full access to the app you need to buy their premium package.

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