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Name of the tool: PlagiarismCheck.org
Type of the tool: Plagiarism checker
Relased Date: 2011
Relased By: PlagiarismCheck.org
Type of license: Paid

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PlagiarismCheck.org is an online tool for students, educators, and everyone related to writing. It works to analyze content and detect duplications in texts, which helps to avoid copyright infringements. Sophisticated algorithms of PlagiarismCheck draw data from the Internet, compare it to what has been submitted, and report on matches found.

The tool identifies exact matches, phrase rearrangements, synonymization, and active to passive voice changes. Also, it looks for poor paraphrase because this kind of writing is still illegal; it debunks plagiarism myths for users to know all nuances and understand all the consequences, and collaborates with educators for students’ better accomplishments.

PlagiarismCheck.org provides interactive results and permanent reports without saving users’ documents in the tool’s database to guarantee a complete privacy of their works. It is reputable, technology-enabled, hassle-free, and easy to use: with this tool, consumers can check unlimited text lengths and get detailed plagiarism reports on their writings within minutes.

Features Of PlagiarismCheck.org

  • Finds rearrangements
  • Finds synonyms
  • Finds paraphrase
  • Accepts .DOC, .DOCX, .TXT, .ODT, .RTF and .PDF files

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