Best Microsoft Paint Similar Apps

Paint is the open source default image editing tool in windows operating system which help windows users to make some basic editing in their photos like resizing, cropping, add text in their photos etc. Microsoft paint is old as windows and its first version released with the windows 1.0 in 1985.

Features of Microsoft Paint

  • Drawing tools to make some basic art work with color brush etc
  • Cropping and sizing
  • Many Image option like flipping, rotating etc
  • Text tool to add some text on the image
  • Easily export and import images

Alternative To Microsoft Paint

S. No Alternative Type Of Service Learn More
1. Pixlr Free Get Alternative
2. Canva Free Get Alternative
3. Pixelmator —— Get Alternative
4. Picmonkey Free Get Alternative
5. Sumo Paint Free Get Alternative
6. Krita Free Get Alternative
7. Photoshop Paid Get Alternative
8. Gimp Free Get Alternative
9. Venngage Free Get Alternative
10. Seashore Free Get Alternative

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