Top 10 Linkedin Alternatives

Linkedin is a social networking site and hub of industry professionals, which is started by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant in 2002. LinkedIn is a social networking site but mainly use by the professionals like developers, designers, companies etc.


  • At LinkedIn can maintain a public profile which contains all most all of the basic details like schooling, colleges, degrees, interest etc.
  • Company profile: to list your company or startup at LinkedIn
  • Connection: to make a list of friends or professionals
  • Can post resume or jobs to get the right match

Linkedin Alternatives

S. No Alternative Founded On Visit Site
1. Bebo 2005 Get Alternative
2. Tinder 2012 Get Alternative
3. Reddit 2005 Get Alternative
4. Tumblr 2007 Get Alternative
5. Instagram 2010 Get Alternative
6. Pinterest 2010 Get Alternative
7. Facebook 2004 Get Alternative
8. Google Plus 2011 Get Alternative
9. Twitter 2006 Get Alternative
10. Youtube 2005 Get Alternative


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