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If you are a Linux user and stuck with searching any good software like photoshop for image editing in your Linux operating system so Krita is the solution which is a good photo editor for the Linux OS. Krita was developed by KDE and released in 2005. Krita is known for its two purposes first for digital printing and second, it is good for animation. Krita has an easy to use and very user-friendly interface which makes the work much easy.

Features of Krita

  1. A great user-friendly interface
  2. An advance Brush Stabilizers
  3. Open source
  4. Mirroring Tools for vertical or horizontal mirroring
  5. Also, support PSD
  6. Great color management features

Alternative To Krita

S. No Alternative Type Of Service Learn More
1. Pixlr Free Get Alternative
2. Canva Free Get Alternative
3. Pixelmator —— Get Alternative
4. Picmonkey Free Get Alternative
5. Sumo Paint Free Get Alternative
6. Venngage Free Get Alternative
7. Photoshop Paid Get Alternative
8. Gimp Free Get Alternative
9. Paint Free Get Alternative
10. Seashore Free Get Alternative

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