Top Ten Google Plus Alternatives 2018

Google plus is one of the top most popular social networking site over the internet which is founded on June 28, 2011 by the co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin to replace their previous social networking service Google Buzz.


  1. Google+ circles to make a list of all of your friends and followers
  2. +1, when any person like Google plus photo, post or anything else
  3. Hangouts is a messaging feature which use to chat with the members in your circle
  4. Event to invite your google plus members and followers about events.

Google Plus Alternatives

S. NoAlternativeFounded OnVisit Site
1.Bebo2005Get Alternative
2.Tinder2012Get Alternative
3.Reddit2005Get Alternative
4.Tumblr2007Get Alternative
5.Instagram2010Get Alternative
6.Pinterest2010Get Alternative
7.Linkedin2002Get Alternative
8.Facebook2004Get Alternative
9.Twitter2006Get Alternative
10.Youtube2005Get Alternative

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