Gimp Alternatives:

GIMP is an open source raster graphics editor for the image (graphic editing) developed “The GIMP Development Team”. GIMP was the idea of Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis who released its first version in 1996. It can be used on Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows and contain some of the really advanced features which could help to enhance your image or create a new art work in some easy steps.

Features Of GIMP

  • Great high-quality image manipulation
  • Create some really awesome original artwork
  • Open source
  • Create graphic elements like icon, buttons

Alternative To GIMP

S. No Alternative Type Of Service Learn More
1. Pixlr Free Get Alternative
2. Canva Free Get Alternative
3. Pixelmator —— Get Alternative
4. Picmonkey Free Get Alternative
5. Sumo Paint Free Get Alternative
6. Krita Free Get Alternative
7. Photoshop Paid Get Alternative
8. Venngage Free Get Alternative
9. Paint Free Get Alternative
10. Seashore Free Get Alternative

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