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Name Of App: Faceapp Pro
Type Of App: Image Effects
Category: Entertainment
Relased By: Android Wireless Lab Studio

Faceapp Pro Apk is released by the Android Wireless Lab Studio, nowadays it is becoming much popular. If you are active on social media specially Facebook and Instagram then you will be definitely see the older or younger ages pictures of celebrities and it is also trending on various social networks. The Faceapp Pro APK exactly do this, with this app you can create a very realistic looking younger or older age picture of your in easy steps.

The app has a very powerful AI which makes this app special, with this ai the app identify your face and makes some changes so you looks younger and older. There are different modes in the app, each mode will provide a separate effect to your face.

Alternatives To Faceapp Pro APK

Currently there is no alternatives listed here for the Faceapp.


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