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Name Of Site: Ethereum Classic Vision
Type Of Site: Cryptocurrency
Category: Digital Currency
Released On: 2019

Note: Ethereum Classic Vision is dead now, but from now you can not use the site anymore. So below we added the best Ethereum Classic Vision alternatives.

ETCV is the short form of Ethereum and symbolizes the latest digital assets. They achieved a full transition to PoS mining and according to the site they are having much faster validation in comparison to the Ethereum network. Smart contract owners only need to pay one-time development fees, they do not need to pay for pay rental storage fees. They are integrated with the IPFS decentralized storage system, as well as an in-built decentralized exchange which helps ETCV to become full-scale environment so they can deploy and develop new digital asserts. If you hold the ETH in your personal wallet then you have the chance to get free ECTV free coins.

Alternatives To Ethereum Classic Vision


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