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Name: Crankwheel
Type of License: Premium
Category: Desktop Sharing
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CrankWheel is the third reliable communications tool for sales professionals. It’s a specialized screen sharing application that works with any prospect on any device and browser, without them needing to download any software or register. Get them into a screen share as easily as you made the phone call to them. CrankWheel also incorporates a lead capture widget that you can embed on your website or in email campaigns, that collects lead information and then finds a suitable agent to call the prospect right away, or allows the prospect to book a meeting if preferred.

Imagine being able to call your prospects back within seconds and immediately screen share with them without friction, to od a software demo or go through a presentation. Third-party research shows a 21x improvement in sales call effectiveness if you call prospects back within 5 minutes compared to within 30 minutes. You can get an even higher improvement when you bring your response time down to seconds, from hours or days.


  • Share a browser tab
  • Share a program window
  • Share your full screen
  • Get your prospect connected within a few seconds
  • No need to download
  • Built-in lead capture for your web site or email campaigns

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