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Name of the tool: Copyleaks
Type of the tool: Plagiarism checker
Type of tool: Free
Released By: Copyleaks Technologies Ltd.

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Copyleaks is a cloud-based plagiarism checker for anyone creating content online. The software is able to detect similar content around the web and other databases so you know if someone has taken your content and used it as their own.

There are a few ways to use Copyleaks depending on what your needs are.

Universities, teachers, and students can all utilize Copyleaks in the way that is best for them. The Copyleaks API can be easily integrated with learning management systems to detect plagiarism in student work.

Students can submit their work online for quick results and even use the mobile app with OCR capabilities to snap a pic of text and get results in as little as a few seconds.

Publishers and other content creators looking for ways to keep track of their content distribution can submit their content and receive results if others have plagiarized their work.

Comprehensive results come with similarity reports, highlighted passages, and the URLs of where the similar content appears.

Submit files in any format and any page or website length. Copyleaks is able to do a deep search of online content so you can rest assured that frequent scans will catch any trace of plagiarism.

Easily integrate with your website, platform, and content management system to have routine scans of your website and blog content.

Copyleaks has multiple plans to fit your needs including monthly subscription plans so you can scan your content whenever you need without worrying about getting more credits.

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