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Name Of Site: Cinemark Movieclub
Type Of Site: Movie Ticketing Subscription
Category: Entertainment
Founded On: 1984

Cinemark Movieclub is not like Moviepass or Sinemia where you can buy one pass to watch one movie per day. Cinemark Movieclub is for the those who are frequent visitor of Cinemark cinema, so with the help of the Cinemark Movieclub subscription you can buy least one ticket in a month for a good discount rate. If you buying group tickets to watch a movie with friends and family then this subscription can help you to save good money.

What You Get

  • Every month you will get one 2d film ticket
  • You can upgrade your 2d ticket to the 3d by just paying some additional changes.
  • If you do not use the ticket pass in the month it will transfer to the next month
  • On every ticket you can save 10 to 20%

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