Top Blue Apron Alternatives During Rundown In United States

It does not matter whether you are living a hectic busy city life or simply doing some skilled labour at an outskirt farm. At times, it really gets overwhelming and tiring even to just think about cooking a meal for oneself, forget about going to the market for groceries. And although, at times many such alternatives like a Restaurant or Food truck may seem like a viable option,to be honest there is nothing like a good healthy home cooked meal.

So, how can one stay at home as well as get all the ingredients for the perfect meal right at home?

The answer to that is quite simple actually and goes by the name Blue Apron. Undoubtedly, one of the best meal services out there which not only provides you with the perfect ingredients for your daily cook but also brings to you a menu which is fully diverse and keeps changing every week. And, all of that without making any kind of compromise on the freshness and affordability on any of its products.

But, even though Blue Apron has managed stay ahead of its game all these years, lately there has been quite a number of alternatives which has been giving Blue Apron quite the competition in recent years. And hence, today we thought it would be a good idea to list out top 3 Blue Apron alternatives for 2020 out of many, which we think deserves a chance.

3 Blue Apron Alternatives For 2020 During Lockdown

Now, before we straight way head to part where we discuss in details about the top Blue Apron alternatives, let us first have a little peek on what Blue Apron has to offer and not to offer, so that we can later understand which alternative is suited for oneself and which may not.

Blue Apron 

First things first. When it comes to Blue Apron, one thing you can be assured of when it comes down to meals and ingredients received from Blue Apron is its freshness. Hence, when it comes to the freshness of ingredients, I believe there is no other company who can do a better job in it than Blue Apron.

Blue Apron alternatives

Other Key Elements 

  • A lovely selection of menu comprising of diverse ingredients which keeps changing on a weekly basis.
  • Facility to choose from a wide variety of “serving” option to suit your needs and go perfectly with your convenience.
  • Wide range of options for vegetarians as well as meat lovers who like it keep it explicit when it comes to their food.
  • Subscription to services can be skipped or canceled any time with respect to your own convenience.
  • Get your hands on special recipes designed every week to go with your orders.

1. Plated 

Coming to the very first competitor in our list today we have, is Plated. This meal kit service company founded in 2012, not only brings to you a diverse range of fresh ingredients but also gives you the option to choose a dessert of choice get delivered to you to go perfectly with your cooked meal.

Blue Apron Similar Service

Other key elements:

  • Offers a wider range and number of recipes than Blue Apron that keeps changing on a weekly basis.
  • All ingredients and products delivered is as fresh as it can be. 
  • Changes in delivery option like canceling and skipping on subscription is all possible quite easily and effortlessly.

2. Martha and Marley Spoon

As homely as the name “Martha and Marley Spoon” may sound, so is its ingredients and products. The recipes you will find at Martha and Marley’s are as easy as it can be and takes no time to learn and cook, absolutely perfect for people both beginners and pros in cooking. Hence, all you need to do is subscribe to their servings option and start cooking ASAP.

Martha and Marley Spoon

Other key elements:

  • Brings to you 22 new recipes every week. Hence, enabling you to choose from a wider range of options to try out and cook on your own.
  • Offers special diets comprising of Low-carb, Guleten free and Diary less products to choose from, for those who are very particular about their food.
  • The meals they have to offer comes at really affordable price, making it ideal and suitable for people belonging to all sections of the society.
  • Option to skip a meal for a week at any time that suits your convenience.

3. Sun Basket

If you are someone who takes food and health very seriously and at the same time need new recipes that are less dull and more fun, given the reputation of healthy food in general. Then Sun Basket is just the thing for you. Not only does Sun Basket bring to you some of the best organic ingredients out there but all their food products are fully certified. Thus, giving you even more reasons to go for it if you are into healthy organic food ingredients.

try Sun Basket to order food line

Other Key Elements:

  • Know what you want from the very beginning by telling them what you are looking for, so that they can recommend you the very best combination of ingredients that meets your needs.
  • All the recipes you will find at Sun Basket have been prepared only after approved by top nutritionist, so the fact that you are eating healthy food is quite obvious.
  • Since, most of the ingredients are organic and not genetically modified, the fact that they can’t be made to look fresh in anyway is just a safe sign to start with and one can most certainly expect to get fresh ingredients delivered every single time.   

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