Best Video Chat Apps Of 2018 & 2019

There was a time when internet cost was much higher so people avoid video calls (chats) to save their data. But today internet cost is much cheaper and most of the company are offering unlimited internet data at a cheap monthly rate. So video calling becomes one of the most used chat platforms.

With video chats, you can easily connect with a user which looks much interesting and fascinating. Before, videos chats app was not more than a headache due to the call drop, bad video, and audio quality. And bad internet connection and connectivity was also one of the reasons of the features of video chats.

But today is the time of the 4G and 5G which gives you high-speed internet connectivity. Where you can go for the very smooth video chat for a long time.

There lost of video chat apps, as well as massaging apps which offer video chat option to their users. Below we are reviewing and adding best video chats services and apps for 2018 & 2019.

Best Video Chat Apps


Slack is a Team Collaboration or communication software application founded by the Stewart Butterfield. The software is developed by the Slack Technologies and released…


Telegram is an open source free to use software application for the voice and text chat on Windows Phone, macOS, Android, iOS,, Windows NT, Linux and Web platform. Telegram…


Skype is one of the most used freemium software application for video and voice chat on computer PC, Mobile, tablets, Xbox One, smartwatch etc. Because Skype is freemium software…


Discord is free to use software application for the gamers for voice and text chat. Discord is considered as one of the top skype & TeamSpeak competitor. You can easily use…


Garena is a software application which supports IOS, Android, and Windows. With the help of the Garena or Garena+, you can connect with the worldwide gaming community…


Overwolf can enhance your gaming experience by adding some cool add-ons to your game where you can easily connect with the other to chat while gaming which put more…


Are you looking for any online solution where you can connect with peoples in a group? Then go for the Ventrilo which is a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) software…


Teamspeak was released on October 2001 and it is a VOIP software application which means Voice Over Internet Protocol, which helps you to the audio conversation with…

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