Best Team Collaboration & Video Conference Tools & Softwares For Group Conference

Here we are adding best Team Collaboration & Video Conference tools for the business and individuals for the Team Collaboration and more.

We are living in the age of the internet but on its initial day internet was so much costly and slow. Video calling was possible but it was expensive with so much buffering. But nowadays the internet is cheap and very fast and as a result video calling become totally matured.

Video calling is the trend of nowadays, from getting advice for shopping, to do business conferences, everywhere peoples are using video calling. And it is quite interesting and the best way to communicate where you can see each other.

Alternatives To Skype

Today business also changed, they introduced work from home, working on collaborative projects, etc. And there are so many software and web tools which make group video conferencing really easy.

With these video conferencing software you can collaborate with your team online, discuss strategy, helps each other in work, track what all are doing and lots of other things.

The best part, these software tools are available for every platform whether you have a phone, PC or using the web.

Best Team Collaboration & Video Conference Tools


Slack is a Team Collaboration or communication software application founded by the Stewart Butterfield. The software is developed by the Slack Technologies and released…


Skype is one of the most used freemium software application for video and voice chat on computer PC, Mobile, tablets, Xbox One, smartwatch etc. Because Skype is freemium software…


Are you looking for any online solution where you can connect with peoples in a group? Then go for the Ventrilo which is a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) software…


Teamspeak was released on October 2001 and it is a VOIP software application which means Voice Over Internet Protocol, which helps you to the audio conversation with…


Confluence is a Team collaboration software developed by Atlassian in 2004 where you can collaborate with your team and work together to create something stunning…..


Flocks is a collaboration and messaging tool released in 2014 by Flock FZ-LLC. With Flock, you can easily create and collaborate with your team to work together….


Clockodo Is a time tracking application founded in 2003 by Thomas Romanek and Moritz Hofmann. it helps small as well as big size businesses to increase….


Timely is a premium time tracking application to track your day’s activity so you can find where you are spending most of your time to increase….


Box is a Cloud-based File Sharing and collaboration Platform which was founded in 2005 by Aaron Levie, And Dylan Smith. Box helps in content management….


Hightail was founded in 2004 by Ranjith Kumaram, Amir Shaikh and Khalid Shaikh, which is a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration platform. You can easily share….


Join.me is a premium collaboration tool where you can work together with your team, do group meetings and can do so many other things. Also, they have their….


ClickMeeting is a video conferencing software founded by Simon Grabowski. With the tool, you can easily do webinars. Also can sell while webinar with the help….


Zoom was founded in 2011 as a video communication solution by Eric S. Yuan.  it helps you to collaborate with your team, Group meetings, and webinars…..


Toggl is a time tracking application for web, Android, Mac, IOS and Linux. With the help of Toggl  You can increase the productivity of your team. You can break….


Chanty is a messaging and collaboration tool to smartly connect with your team to work together. Chanty is a premium tool but as an individual you can use….


Fleep is a premium messaging and collaboration tool to easily collaborate with your team, tasks, meetings and project discussions. Also, you can use the….


An easy to use and simple collaboration platform which lets you work with and manage documents and files online as well as store important files…


An easy to use and totally simple collaborative tool built to help you and your team members to manage and successfully complete tasks without…


Perfect for both small as well as big company with a few to up to many members who need to work on a single project and complete it withing…

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