Top 11 Best Free & Paid Email Services Of 2018 & 2019

We do not think much before choosing an email service. We think all the email services are same they have just different names. But it is not true, all the email services differ to each other in term of service, storage, features, and security. So it is really important to find any best email service provider for you or your organization which matches all your needs.

Especially most of us think that there are only one or two email service providers like Gmail or Yahoo. But there so many email providers and today we are going to pick top 10 best email service providers of 2018 & 2019. Especially when you are a professional, freelancer or having a creative business then you need to mail large files, or you want to set up a new dedicated company email address for your employees. So you need a premium email plan where you have no limitation of file size, new addon users etc.

If you are an individual and have limited use of email then you can go with a free email account. You do not need to waste your money on the premium plan but if you are business then you need a professional website email which looks very professional and comes with many extra features.

Best Email Services

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