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Name Of Site: Apache Spark
Type Of Site: Cluster-Computing Framework
Category: Software & Application
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Developed By: Apache Spark

A very easy to use as well as implementable analytics tool for storing and processing large amount of data in the fastest and most efficient manner. Moreover, the other very good trait about Apache Spark is its compatibility which allows it to run on multiple platforms such as Hadoop, Apache Mesos, Kubernetes as well as could. 

Alternatives To Apache Spark

Apache Flink

A wonderful and easy to use stream processing platform developed by Apache Software foundation itself is the Apache Flink…


If you are looking for a good and easy to maintain message broker, then RabbitMQ might just be the app service for you…

Apache Flume

A totally free and open source processing platform to help collect, aggregate as well as move large amount of log data from one place to another…


An easy to use and highly efficient open source massage broker that can also be used as database cache to easily maintain and study fed…


A beautifully designed open-source data collection software that has the ability to run over multiple operating system platforms such…


If you are looking for a versatile data collection and parser tool to be able to collect and integrate fed in data from any kind of source…

Apache Storm

A meticulously designed and developed stream processing tool what helps to store and process large amount of data and log feeds in real time…


If you are looking for such a tool that enables you to monitor millions and millions of log data as well as process them in real time…

Amazon Sqs

If you are looking for a good message broker and Queuing Service to help you manage as well as decouple and scale the very different kinds…

Apache Kafka

The very best of stream processing platform applications out there for developing high quality data feeds which run in a real-time scenario as…

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