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  • AnyDesk


Name: AnyDesk
Developed By: AnyDesk Software
Type of License: Freemium (Free+Paid)
Category: Desktop Sharing
Operating System: Android, IOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD
Released Date: 2012

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Anydesk, a desktop sharing software for Windows, Android, Linux, Mac and FreeBSD which helps the users in remote desktop, web conferencing, online meeting and much more.  AnyDesk is freemium computer software released in 2012 by the “AnyDesk Software”

The common problem with most of the desktop sharing software, they need good internet speed to perform well which results as many issues while sharing desktop. But with AnyDesk user can experience a much better speed in comparison to others similar software.

To provide a better user experience they work on three things listed below.

  1. Framerate: Transmits 60 frames per second on local networks while using.
  2. Latency: It adds Latency as little as possible
  3. Traffic: Bandwidth efficiency plays a major role to provide a better desktop sharing experience and Anydesk is good in this factor.

While desktop sharing, security is one the major thing which we can not ignore. And to make their user safe and secure Anydesk provide TLS1.2 based encryption which makes desktop sharing totally secure.


  • TLS1.2 based encryption for better security
  • Free for the personal use
  • Transmits 60 frames per second to provide better user experience
  • Much productive
  • Lightweight and fast

Alternatives To Anydesk

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