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Name Of Software: Adobe After Effects
Type Of Software: Visual Effect & creations
Category: Animation Software
Released On: January 1993
Type Of License: Premium
Operating System: MAC, Windows
Owned By: Adobe

Adobe After Effects is windows and mac supported application software which is developed for the visual effect and motion graphics. After Effects is initially released by the Adobe in 1993 and mostly use in the work of film & television making.

The software let you do many things like animation, typography, 3d effects and a lot more else is possible with the application, like Create movies intros & titles, create animated text or logo. With the latest version of the software, you can easily turn your idea to animation and make it move. After effect is a premium application so you have purchased the license to use it. They are having different pricing plans so you can choose according to your requirement.


  • Create Visual Graphic
  • Good quality typography videos
  • Put effect in your videos
  • Unlimited no of effects
  • Easily create data-driven animation

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